Evripidou 14, Athens,
7th floor

9am registration
on monday 17/6
"Impact Week Greece" will unite people from a variety of countries and organizations to promote innovation and entrepreneurship through the teaching of sustainable Design Thinking growth methods.

Come discover an innovative and cross-cultural non-profit program bringing together experts and practitioners.

Expect to learn by doing as we face up to some of Europe’s most critical societal needs, framed by global design thinkers and tackled alongside those most affected.
Social Integration
Greece finds itself at the epicenter of challenges that resonate globally. The ripple effects of political conflicts, have led to an increase in migration, creating a nexus that transcends borders.
design thinking

At Impact Week Greece, attendees can expect:

  • Design Thinking methodology coaching by educators from SAP Software Solutions, LGT Private Banking, UNStudio and the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (Munich University of Applied Sciences).
  • Creative workshops that include research and brainstorming for new innovative ideas
  • Discussion on existing models of integration of socially excluded groups
  • Networking between institutions, NGOs, professionals and academics
June 17—20                                                    Downtown Athens
Over the course of 4 days, international and local participants trained in design thinking will guide teams in creative collective problem-solving techniques. Groups will learn to apply design thinking to various critical local social-integration issues.

On the final day, the Impact Week will conclude with a pitching session, where each team will present how the solutions they’ve arrived on can effect meaningful change in real-life scenarios. The best ideas, determined by a diverse panel of judges, will be awarded.

Following the pitching session, there will be an intercultural social event, with music and cultural dances!

English will be the primary language due to the diversity of our audience.
It's necessary for participants to be available to attend the entirety of the four days.
The Design Thinking Method
The Design Thinking methodology helps all participants find their way to tackle challenges that may confront them or obstruct the progress of their projects. It includes several iterative stages: Understand, Observe, Synthesize, Ideate, Prototype, and Test. These stages encourage creativity, collaboration, and experimentation to arrive at effective and user-centric solutions to complex problems.

This method is used widely across various industries, from product design to business strategy, and it has gained popularity as a versatile framework for innovation and problem-solving.
Collaboration & Networking
The entirety of the event will be marked by the collaboration of a diverse array of stakeholders united by their common interest in social innovation and positive change. There will be the opportunity to forge lasting partnerships and participate in expanding networks as our participants represent varied nationalities and backgrounds, spanning academia and the corporate sphere.

People involved in the following organizations and institutions will have a role in Impact Week Greece:
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